Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cell Phones for Seniors

We just finished up another wireless web site; this one is specifically designed for the fastest growing group of cellular users: Seniors. Before you think this subject doesn’t apply to you, think about your family. There must be at least one person you know over 50 who, up ‘til now, has resisted going wireless. Yet, this may be a group who needs it more.

You can spread the word about how much help cellular can be to seniors in your family. One of the services that caters to the senior set, Jitterbug, even has nurses on call to assist with customer health problems. It's quite revolutionary for Jitterbug to introduce an old-school Operator for their users, and now they’ve gone further. Customer Service, What a concept!

Another easy idea to help an older relative or friend is to add them to your Family Plan. It could cost as little as $10 a month, and in most cases, you won’t notice what few minutes they use. With most Family plans, you can call each other with no use of your minutes. If nothing else, send ‘em our way, to Cellular For

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