Monday, March 26, 2012

Viaero Adds 4G

Viaero Wireless, serving rural areas of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming, has jumped from 2G directly to 4G. Viaero operates a nicely developed network and has added 4G to their sites across southern Colorado with more 4G promised soon. Viaero serves a number of customers who use the network for both their mobile activities and their home phone. This now brings these users a great alternative for broadband at home.

We give the Viaero network high marks for a well-designed system, although some of their customers respond in this forum to question their customer service behavior. We appreciate the fact that they focus on markets that other carriers give only casual attention.

Friday, March 16, 2012

One Less Cellular One

Verizon Wireless has snarfed up Cellular One of Northeast Pennsylvania. We wondered how long this carrier serving 2 counties of the Keystone state could survive, but it was a surprise to us that they were owned by US Cellular. So this one goes as a loss of beachfront property for US Cellular.

JD Power just awarded US Cellular with more customer satisfaction kudos, but they still seem to be swimming upstream. The folks along the Delaware River should see better service outside their home market but the local network already provided good coverage. We're not crying over this transaction, but 'it's the principle of the thing...'

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4G For Your iPad

The New iPad comes with 4G wireless access which is a very useful feature, unless you don't have AT&T or Verizon 4G service nearby. For the time being, that is a big limitation and without that coverage, you're stuck on wi-fi.

We could bash or brag about the new iPad model, but instead we'll try to help you through the decision-making process. We updated our 4G Coverage Comparison Maps which currently shows Verizon as the winner of the 4G horse race. AT&T has announced new 4G areas coming soon, so there may be additional AT&T 4G coverage by the time you take delivery on your slick New iPad.