Did We Get Paid for That Post?

Wireless Noise and all Mountain Wireless-related web sites strive to provide consumers with transparency, and in that spirit, we would like to share how we generate income to maintain these web sites.  Some of the advertisers with products or services on our sites may pay us a commission when customers purchase certain products or click on their ads.  This compensation enables us to maintain our ever-growing collection of wireless information, for which we are not paid.

We normally do not receive any payment for posting about any specific products or services, but if we do, we'll note it.  We do include some of our advertisers and their products among our posts, but we are not compensated to do so. The analysis and opinions on our sites are those of the Mountain Wireless staff and follow our guidelines to ensure editorial integrity. We believe you are entitled to fair and accurate information. As wireless customers ourselves, we attempt to put the consumer first.

While we feature many wireless products and services on our sites, we can't feature every product available on the market.  We often include the wireless advertisers with which we have a relationship among our reviews and reports, however, we do not receive any payment for any such inclusion.  We admit to being opinionated, but we also aim for accuracy. However, we cannot guarantee that accuracy in the fast-changing world of wireless.

We appreciate your trust in using our site for information and using our links to research products and services. We strive to be transparent about activity for which we receive compensation.

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