Sunday, June 6, 2021

Voice Mail Access Numbers

Want to leave a voice mail message without ringing a user's phone, or access your own voice mail messages without your wireless phone? We have the list of Voice Mail Access Numbers. This has become a sensitive issue as commercial interests are trying to use use this list to advertise, or 'spam', you. As the original need for these numbers is reduced, we maintain the only Free list of voice mail access numbers. These numbers may give you access to your carrier's local cellular voice mail system. 

The list is arranged alphabetically by state. The numbers are designed to access your own voice mail messages, but may also enable you to leave a message for a wireless customer without ringing their phone. Because there are sensitivity issues (but not privacy) with using this these numbers, we limit this list for personal use only.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Same Network, Different Carrier

At The Cellular Back Door we maintain the list of separate, "alternative" companies that use the same wireless networks as the major carriers, but at a lower price. It's your way to use, say, Verizon Wireless, without paying Verizon's prices. You can choose your favorite prepaid carrier and see what network they use, or you can choose the network, like AT&T, and see what carriers operate on that network, for less. You get your phone, plan and customer service from these alternative companies instead of the underlying carrier. Some use more than one network and some allow you to choose your network.

Check the whole list, or start with your favorite full-priced carrier:

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

T-Mobile Wireless Internet: Google Challenges

We are beginning our 4th month of living with T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet. We've had some 20-something visitors the past few weeks, and the lack of a data cap has been really helpful. However, the gateway seems to have difficulty in accessing various Google features. Most are minor problems, but one major one is the inability to access Gmail. Not all the time, but often enough to be a concern, and, what's even more disturbing, it may not connect right when you need it the most.

An example of a fatal error is when you are trying to log in to a secure or 2FA web site and suddenly your email does not work.  You're stuck. My son says he gets around it by logging out and then back in to the Wi-Fi.  My connection uses an ethernet cable. Unplugging or rebooting is not convenient.

Every ISP has its plusses and minuses and T-Mobile Wireless Internet is no exception. Each of our 3 home broadband services (not including our phones) have something we hate. You need to decide on your least offensive choice. I am hearing from users who are thrilled to have an alternative to their cable internet provider. They have already decided their most offensive choice.