Wednesday, July 1, 2020

New Boost Mobile Brings Old Tricks.

Dish Network has completed their acquisition of Boost Mobile as part of the Sprint/T-Mobile
acquisition, and the good news is that life gets better for Boost customers.  Not only do Boost users get to use the expanded T-Mobile network, but they will also enjoy the return of some of popular Boost features.  Dish released the following:

"Boost's new $hrink-It! plan, which starts at $45 for 15GB, reduces customers' monthly rates by $5 after three on-time payments, and by an additional $5 after six total on-time payments. Boost previously offered a popular shrinking payments plan, which was available to new Boost Mobile customers until July 2014

"In addition to the revival of the $hrink-It! plan, Boost will offer a $35 10GB plan that includes unlimited talk and text. Consumers may sign up for either plan with their existing compatible device or by purchasing a new device from Boost." Both plans are available now.

Some questions remain such as will Boost change its name.