Thursday, April 23, 2015

Google Fi: New Opportunity, New Problem

Google's introduction of "Project Fi" (as in Wi-Fi without the "Wi") provides a unique opportunity.  Your can use whatever signal your phone can access among Wi-Fi, T-Mobile and Sprint broadband sources.  Google has changed the pricing and technical profile of using wireless, and usually, most things that Google touches benefits the average consumer.

So, does this mean Google will be an "MVNO", or a re-seller of network access from 2 of the top 4 wireless carriers, or something else?  As we peek over the horizon, instead of expecting the major carriers doing something different to compete,  we see other MVNO's going in the same direction and offering some kind of network combination.  Our challenge is to find where to classify Google's wireless.  Is it "Wireless," "Prepaid," or "Broadband"?  Instead of waiting to see what direction it goes, we'll just include it in every related corner of our Mountain Wireless Cellular networks and see if we can do our part to help this innovation grow.

To get in on the first round of the fun you only need a Gmail account and to request an "invite", which is similar to the start of other Google projects.  Then, let the wireless innovation begin.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sprint Expands Foreign Roaming

Sprint has finally come to the table with an International Roaming package that finally puts them at par with the other major carriers.  Aggressive pricing, paying ETF's and Unlimited Data can only go so far. Now Sprint will offer a competitive International Roaming Value package that allows Text, Voice and Data at reasonable rates.  They also offer a Wi-Fi calling app that puts them into T-Mobile's arena that expands calling abilities to many extreme corners of the house and the globe.

Recognizing overall service improvements, Mountain Wireless has increased Sprint's "MW Rating" from a dismal "6" to a respectable "7".  Positive field reports from Sprint users might even improve that rating again.

We have noted these changes on our Mexico and International Roaming web sites. One odditiy is that none of these improvements include service in Canada.  We hope that's coming soon.