Friday, August 19, 2022

New Joys of Prepaid

We've been recently re-designing our Mountain Prepaid web site to reflect all the changes in the prepaid landscape. Now that the TracFone Prepaids from America Movil have been acquired by Verizon there have been a few adjustments. GoSmart was limited to 3G coverage and 3G coverage is going away. We recommend moving from GoSmart to Simple Mobile to enjoy a similar experience. And Page Plus, which is limited to 4G LTE and below, isn't getting any love, so we're advising Page Plus customers to switch to Net10 or Twigby.

An even bigger change is that prepaid plan prices have been going down, while postpaid plans have been increasing, mostly with a subtle rise in fees. While some prepaid plans have also increased in price, it looks like none of them have risen for with existing plans. We might assume that plans available today may not be available tomorrow. So, with prepaid plans starting as low as $5 per month, now may be the best time to go prepaid.

One of the new additions to our prepaid web site is a prepaid price comparison chart that helps you match the amount of Data to the best price. We also help you find which prepaid operates on which network, and which ones operate outside the US. It's being updated each day, especially as we switch over the family's phones to new prepaid services.


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