Thursday, July 27, 2023

Boost Infinite Discount at Amazon


Boost Infinite
The new national carrier, Boost Infinite, has partnered up with Amazon. Boost Infinite is the postpaid version of Boost Mobile. Both now use Boost's own 5G network and then is backed up by their roaming partners AT&T and T-Mobile. How well Boost Infinite operates is yet to be seen, but Boost Mobile has already achieved our Mountain Prepaid "Reviewers Choice".

Boost Infinite is bringing its Infinite Unlimited wireless postpaid plan to Amazon with an exclusive offer for Prime members. Amazon Prime members who purchase the Boost Infinite Unlimited SIM kit at Amazon will get 20% off the list price of $25, on top of a $25 bill credit toward their first month of service from Boost Infinite.

The SIM kit, sold and shipped Free by Amazon, enables Prime members to activate Infinite Unlimited wireless service that includes Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data for only $25 a month, a price that’s locked forever. Boost Infinite’s plan is compatible with most unlocked iPhones and Android smartphones. You can add up to five lines per account.

Boost's relationship with Amazon does not seem to be related to the rumors of a possible 'Amazon Wireless.'

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

AT&T Adds a New Wireless Home Internet


AT&T has entered the Wireless Home Internet competition with "AT&T Internet Air". AT&T has finally joined T-Mobile and Verizon with a new 5G Wireless unit (we can't call it a box!) but it's coming with a slow rollout. AT&T is first offering the service to their wired internet customers. The idea is that current users will get a better and faster internet experience, and AT&T gets to stop supporting all those wires. 

For $55 per month, which may be more or less than what you're paying now, it should improve service for those AT&T customers who are limited to those slow DSL internet connections. Downloads speeds are expected to be 100 Gb+. In those areas of the country where AT&T provides wired internet access, there may also be room for new Wireless Internet customers.  So, if you or your neighbors get AT&T Internet at home, you may be able to switch today. Hopefully, they will offer it to the rest of the country when they can finally make enough 'boxes'.

We have 2 pages with details and comparisons of the various Wireless Home Internet options:

Mountain Wireless Home Internet

Wireless Web Access

Monday, July 24, 2023

Straight Talk Adds Multi-Line Discounts


Straight Talk, one of our most popular Prepaids, is now offering discounts for 2, 3 and 4-line plans. The problem? For now, this is just a promotion and expires on October 22, 2023. This is offered by so many other Prepaid carriers, I can't help think Straight Talk would keep it. These plans include all the same benefits as the $45 Silver Unlimited plan, but at a bigger discount and this offer is available to new and existing customers. If you've been considering adding or starting multiple Straight Talk lines, go ahead and do it now.

Here are the new plan discounts, available today:

  • 2/$45 for $75
  • 3/$45 for $90 (Buy 2 lines, get 1 free!)
  • 4/$45 for $100
  • Friday, July 7, 2023

    Prepaids that Are Giving Us More Data

    A few months ago we created a Prepaid Price Chart. It looks like we missed the mark by keeping track of the cheapest Prepaid plans instead of plans that most of us can use. So we increased the Data threshold to 5Gb, and the price to less than $30. We found that the average wireless customer uses from 5 to 8Gb of monthly Data, and there is no problem finding Prepaid plans with that much Data at a reasonable price. It was surprising to find 2 plans with 25Gb of Data and 1 with 30Gb of data for under $30!

    We looked at dozens of Prepaid wireless offers to settle on about 10 plans that will satisfy the needs of most users who are moving from expensive 'regular' plans to budget plans. Our price review eliminated several carriers that claim to be "low-cost", but aren't really. A few high points are from Boost Mobile who offers a great combination of Data and features starting at $15, and US Mobile who offers price points at $15, $20, $25 and $30. Remember, each of the plans shown have 'Unlimited' Talk, Text and Data, with the difference being the amount of High-Speed Data included.

    We still show a few low-priced plans ($10!) for those of us who may be within range of free Wi-Fi most of the time and only need 1 Gb of Data. Visit our new Prepaid Price Chart and keep it real.