Thursday, June 13, 2024

T-Mobile Price Headaches? Head for an Alternative!

T-Mobile introduced the "Un-Carrier" moniker as an alternative to the 'mainstream' wireless carriers several years ago. Like so many technical innovations, the scappy contender now appears to be as mainstream as the other carriers and, as a result, they are flexing their newly-developed muscles and trying to increase their prices. This even applies to customers who thought they had a "Price For Life."

There are numerous legal challenges being made to these aggressive T-Mobile moves, but you can do something about it right now. We have composed a list dedicated just for wireless users who want to use the T-Mobile network, and their existing T-Mobile phone, but without dealing with T-Mobile directly. These are Prepaid carriers, and they may be easier to deal with than T-Mobile themselves. From the OZ Wireless T-Mobile alternative page, we have several great choices that use the T-Mobile network:

Good Prepaid Alternatives
  • RED POCKET MOBILE: A real bargain carrier that actually lets you choose more than just the T-Mobile network.

  • US MOBILE: This highly-recommended low-priced carrier includes Calling and Texting to other countries and Roaming in over 100 foreign countries.
In addition, there are carriers that are owned by T-Mobile that still offer good deals and features, minus the funny business, and should be easily accessed with your existing T-Mobile phone:
  • METRO BY T-MOBILE: Yes, it's owned by T-Mobile but they have lower prices and no added fees, and your existing T-Mobile phone is instantly compatible. They even have local stores.

  • MINT MOBILE: Recently acquired by T-Mobile, they save you money by offering longer refill periods.

  • ULTRA MOBILE: This newly-acquired Prepaid has seen some improved features that make it an attractive alternative to your old T-Mobile service.
One of the nice attributes of these alternaives is that they'll automatically deduct your payment from your credit card or checking account, eliminating that monthly bill you received from T-Mobile. Read more about all the alternatives with price comparisons at Mountain Prepaid.

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