Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sprint Gives Nextel Some Love

Last month we reported that Sprint was hoping to find a buyer for Nextel. Now it seems they want to hold on to it. Is it the realization that there are no buyers or is it the admission that their 800 MHz rebanding hassles have made it a poison property? It could be that letting go of Nextel could allow a competitor with enough facilities to give Sprint even more customer losses they can't afford.

No matter. We have always felt that cellular users are better off with an independent Nextel and each year it stays in the hands of Sprint, it falls that much more out of favor. I guess that, too, could be a business plan. With the success of Nextel of Mexico, we keep hoping that our hero would arrive from south of the border. But Sprint sees things we don't, and it's either too rosy or too toxic for family consumption. So, Lights, Stage, Let's Rock...or Talk.

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