Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Surprise from Mexico

Last March I added minutes to my Mexico TelCel account and called their English-speaking customer service to convert from "Pay Per Minute" to "Pay Per Call." However, they goofed and I lost almost all my minutes even though I followed their instructions to the letter. I reported the experience on This Page of our Blog. At that time I sent an email to TelCel asking for guidance and some credit.

Well, they responded...almost 9 months later! The response was in Spanish and looks 'canned'. The interpretation seems to be, the next time I purchase a card to call them and make sure the account is set up properly. OK, will do. Credit? No mention.

TelCel still has the best network in Mexico, and even though they have made a number of mistakes that have cost me, they are still the top company for customer service, especially if you don't speak Spanish. When a 9-month response from customer service is considered 'the best', it certainly makes us complain less about being on hold with a US carrier for 10 minutes, right?

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