Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Does Your Family Still Want the Home Phone?

This isn't another story about cutting the cord at home, but it can be. MetroPCS today introduced a service called GroupLINE, which gives members of a MetroPCS Family plan a single phone number that can be called to reach all family members on their wireless phones.

We give MetroPCS credit for taking one more obstacle out of the way of the family who still wants that common family home phone, but without a land line. The GroupLINE number can be called by any family member or outsider who wants to contact the whole family or any non-specific family member. It's only $5 a month additional.

In these tighter economic times, carriers like MetroPCS are doing well, especially among those who either want to pay less for cellular, or who want to drop their home phone. Don't we love it when they save us money?

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