Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alltel Keeps Getting Better

We still believe Alltel Wireless is one of the best carriers in the country, and their latest promotion reinforces just how much we may miss them when they're gone. Alltel today announced a "Back to School" promotion that includes 3 months of free service for all new added lines. The offer is limited to the non-Verizon Alltel markets (shown in Red and Yellow on this Map), and you still only need to sign a 1-year agreement.

This past weekend marked another milestone for those Alltel customers who are being absorbed into Verizon Wireless as their accounts are now being serviced exclusively by Verizon. There are several markets yet to be integrated, and a few Alltel customers who live in markets that will be sold to AT&T or ATN now appear to be Verizon Wireless customers, but in reality, a quirk in the conversion process make Alltel phones show "Verizon" on the screen while they will still end up with another company.

Those eligible for these great Alltel deals is a dwindling number, but for those others who watched their great Alltel accounts turn into so-so, or even unappealing Verizon accounts, those who are still Alltel customers may be looked at with some envy.

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