Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unlimited Joy

While we don't see an "Unlimited war" brewing, we do see a competitive situation getting warmer as Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS each "improve" their Unlimited offers. Both carriers have made the $40 price point much more attractive by adding many more features, including some roaming. This would be in response to recently offered Unlimited plans from Boost Mobile for $50, Virgin Mobile for $50+, and TracFone's StraightTalk from Wal-Mart at $45 (with Verizon-branded handsets).

Fortunately, Cricket and MetroPCS now have lots of features they can add or subtract to create a custom-made plan at several price points. Our favorite feature is roaming, both on and off their own networks. Oh, and don't forget all the other well-priced Unlimited plans from all the smaller carriers we spoke of last week. The pressure will be on them to keep their prices in check, too.

I still don't talk that much...


William said...

Metro and Cricket don't offer enough coverage or roaming yet to make too large of a push. Even though their coverage targets urban areas, there are only so many subscribers that can be added. As they expand their coverage, this might change. Virgin and Boost are much better options. Though also limited, their national coverage areas are much larger. If Sprint plays their cards right, Virgin and Boost could be a big part of Sprint's possible turnaround. Tracfone's StraightTalk also looks like a very compelling option, with Verizon's broad network (even larger now with Alltel's network added). Between the three, average consumers now have some very nice options available to them for a very reasonable price. I can't see why anyone within their service areas would choose another prepaid option.

Faith Baptist Church said...

From the "Tier 2" MVNO peanut gallery, the ante has been upped over teh past few days on Sprint and Verizon networks.

Total Call Mobile now has $50-per-month unlimited service on Sprint's network, including domestic and international texting. So, $10 per month better than Virgin Mobile.

Page Plus Cellular now has a $40 unlimited plan on Verizon, with 20 MB of data instead of 30 MB like Straight Talk has, and no free 411. On the other hand, PPC has zero extra fees on top of the $40 (Straight Talk has a few small fees), roaming is allowed (albeit at 59¢ per minute) and you can purchase additional MBs of data for 60¢ per MB. You can also use any Verizon-capable phone, including 3G models. Thinking very seriously abut picking up an old KRZR and using it on Page Plus service.