Monday, August 23, 2010

One More New Carrier

Last week we reported on a handful on new wireless carriers, some of which have been operating for a year or two, and some that are not yet up to speed. We missed one. Another new carrier that is just starting out from the gate is Choice Wireless. Choice is already operational in the US Virgin Islands and they will now be bringing Local Unlimited service to rural areas and small towns of Nevada. They plan to expand to other states as well, with the idea that small-town America also wants the kind of Unlimited Talk and Text experience offered by the likes of Cricket and MetroPCS.

Choice is offering a pay-in-advance Local service that includes coverage in the bigger cities like Reno and Las Vegas with some other US roaming minutes included. They also encourage disenfranchised Verizon Wireless and Alltel users to bring their old CDMA phones to be activated on Choice. They're also including people who qualify for Lifeline service which provides 100 Free minutes a month. This is great for folks who live on a low income and a few too many miles from wired phone lines.

We have posted a Choice Wireless Review and Choice Wireless Coverage Maps.

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