Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can Revol Survive?

We're always digging for the gems in the wireless rock pile, often finding great service from the smallest carriers. One we have been watching is Revol Wireless, however they have not been one of those "gems". We have been hearing complaints about them and recently we found they just narrowly missed bankruptcy. So, we're aware not all small cellular carriers are the best choice, and with Revol we noted some of their limitations in our reviews.

In this case there may be hope. Our buds at Fierce Wireless noted that Revol and MobiPCS, the island-based Hawaiian carrier, have the same investors and CEO, so a merger of the two would be an easy fit. There are no reports of any merger discussions, but the CEO of Revol could easily negotiate with the CEO of MobiPCS in his sleep!

This kind of tie-up would be a positive move for wireless customers, but what a combination! Wireless in the Midwest paired with wireless in the Pacific? Consider the job of keeping the cell sites running. You could even come back to Ohio once in a while.

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William said...

I would rather see smaller carriers such as these join together any day over seeing At&t/Verizon gobble them up. This article reminded me of the MetroPcs/Cricket debate from not long ago, and i'm wondering when those two carriers will "get it over with" and merge.