Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AT&T Maps Add Alltel Areas

We just completed updating all of the AT&T maps on CellularMaps.com. They had been waiting until all of the Alltel (and some Unicel) areas were upgraded to 3G GSM coverage. Oddly, AT&T makes a point that a 3G phone is required for the new areas, when field reports show non-3G GSM phones seem to be working. Is this an effort to make new users think they need a new AT&T phone or maybe just to brag all this new coverage is 3G. Unfortunately, there is a greater number of current AT&T customers who do not yet have 3G who get to look at these new rural areas with envy...or scorn. AT&T promised the FCC they'd upgrade the new areas first, so thanks for that.

There is also new coverage shown for GoPhone users who are normally limited to the AT&T network itself (except for Mexico). These upgrades show a huge addition of rural areas now covered by AT&T. While they added over 2 million new customers from the Alltel acquisition, most of them live in more developed areas.

If nothing else, GSM lovers are rejoicing that CDMA is no longer king of the rural west. It just had to hurt real bad at Verizon when they had to give up some of that exclusive territory to the Dark Side.

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