Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chicago Loves US Cellular

Chicago is the largest city in the US Cellular network and residents of the Windy City should consider themselves lucky. They are among the ones who can choose US Cellular as their favorite carrier, and many of those that have, love it. By the end of this year, US Cellular will offer 4G over much of its network with a whole bunch of new Android devices.

It's great to see a company that is pretty much ignoring the inroads of the larger cellular carriers and making wireless user-friendly and competitive in several US markets. There's no reason to avoid US Cellular and they can only lose to the louder markeing efforts of the larger carriers. Winning rave reviews at Mountain Wireless, in consumer magazines, and among savvy users, is no small fete. With 98% of their network already 3G, with 4G right around the corner, Chicago-landers, and all users in US Cellular markets are lucky indeed.

While the financial winds may not be blowing in their favor, the owners of US Cellular are treating their network like it will operate independently forever. Considering that the Carlson family still enjoys the job, it just may. Enjoy it while we can.

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