Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MetroPCS Can't Save Us From the Dark Side

Financial results for MetroPCS today caused their stock to drop one third, that's over 30% in one day. We try not to focus on the money side of the carriers, but poor performance, or at least not stellar performance, is why T-Mobile is jumping into the arms of AT&T. It was hoped that Sprint, Cricket and MetroPCS would rise to fill the void left by T-Mobile. Metro's rise was counted on by wireless users across the US, the FCC, and, yes, even by AT&T itself.

AT&T claims that there's plenty of competition and was referring to MetroPCS as much as anyone. With such a poor showing, we can only hope that Metro will start playing nice with Cricket Wireless again to assure at least a 4th significant US wireless carrier. The two have been hinting at a merger for several years but just haven't made it to the alter. Now MetroPCS may be coming courting, and Cricket should chirp out a 'yes'. These two have complimentary spectrum so it's something that should happen sooner rather than later.

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