Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MetroPCS Cheats on Cricket

Sprint came within a whisker of acquiring MetroPCS last weekend. We can talk about the one that got away, but we wonder even more what the future now looks like for Cricket. Many of us thought MetroPCS and Cricket were partners just made for each other, and they have complimentary networks. Where one has spectrum, the other doesn't, they both use CDMA, and they have a similar prepaid business model.

So now we know MetroPCS would rather cavort with the likes of Sprint, what's to become of Cricket? The Top 2 probably can't take over such a large network, so you need to follow the money...but it looks like nobody has any. Unless a outside suitor like Dish comes forward, it looks more than ever like MetroPCS and Cricket will need to shack up and at least take advantages of what synergies they can. We may have a couple that just can't get along, but it's what happens when you're left crying at the alter.

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