Friday, May 11, 2012

Prepaid Updates

This past week we (OK, mostly I) have been completely updating our Wireless By the Minute web site that helps you switch from cellular that requires a 2-year contract to Pay-As-You-Go, or Prepaid.  The larger wireless carriers are becoming more competitive with their Prepaid offerings and we try to keep track of what you can do with your existing wireless phone.

One of our new areas of interest is how to Switch your iPhone to Prepaid which has become much easier now that AT&T will provide the unlock code for your iPhone after your 2-year contract.  AT&T will also let you convert to their own Prepaid GoPhone as well. The conversion involves just putting in a new Micro-SIM into your iPhone to utilize a Prepaid, and often cheaper and still 'Unlimited', wireless provider.  We found almost a half-dozen prepaid providers that will support your iPhone, most of which use the same AT&T network. 

One of the these Prepaid services is SIMple Mobile, a SIM-only provider that does NOT use the AT&T network.  They re-sell service on T-Mobile which is excellent, but it is not compatible with the broadband features of the iPhone.  It works, slowly.  This week American Movil, the owner of TracFone and a few other Prepaid services, announced they are buying SIMple Mobile.  This may introduce a new wrinkle in the Prepaid game, but we can't exactly figure out how since American Movil already offers SIM's through NET10 and Straight Talk.  Well, the more the merrier.

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