Monday, November 12, 2012

Go Prepaid & Lose Coverage?

I have been watching the process of BillRadio and a number of others who advocate switching to Prepaid wireless to save money.  What are you guys thinking?  This web site for years has been focused on getting the maximum cellular coverage and most moves to prepaid are taking a trip in the opposite direction!  Go from AT&T postpaid to GoPhone and you'll be cutting yourself off from coverage in thousands of locations.  Here in New Mexico, I spent almost as much time roaming on Commnet Wireless as I did on AT&T.  I didn't know what good service was until I switched to Alltel, and found even better service when I was transferred to Verizon Wireless.

I know that Bill Radio is making a reluctant move from Verizon to AT&T with the idea that doubling what he pays to Verizon just isn't worth it.  At least he found out T-Mobile won't cut it for him.  Bill and I agreed long ago that AT&T's Ratings belong below those of Sprint and a handful of other smaller carriers.  I believe there will come a day when he returns to admit his mistake. For years he has been claiming that AT&T's coverage ranks third, at best.

I understand that some of you east of the Mississippi wonder what I'm talking about.  AT&T in the west suffers from a whole lot of no coverage that was improved with the acquisition of some of those Alltel properties.  But if you switch to an AT&T prepaid plan, you're losing nearly the entire state of Nebraska, just to name one hole!  Who is willing to do that in this technology-dependant world?  Well, apparently anybody who is willing to give up their all-encompassing postpaid accounts that work almost everywhere in the US, including T-Mobile!  Yes, there are some exceptions and the TracFone family of services claim service in as many places, but a scan of various forums reveal complaints about their coverage as well.

Another group I haven't heard from are those who went with Sprint to gain unlimited data, but give up that service while roaming.  At least their phone can make calls while roaming, something GoPhone and some AT&T MVNO users can't do.  When I lost AT&T coverage right up the street from downtown Santa Fe, I gave thanks for the ability to roam on T-Mobile.  Yes, T-Mobile prepaid is a better choice there.  But, come on.  Are you willing to give up coverage?  Oh, you're saving money?  How's that working out for you?

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