Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Now the Sites Go Mobile

Last month much of our time was spent using mobile wireless on the road and less here online.  This month it's our web sites that are going mobile.  We took quite a bit of time evaluating if and how we could add mobile-optimized sites to our network of wireless web sites.  Some sites just don't lend themselves to the smaller screen but we have converted some of those that do.  The sites that are now available for mobile are:
There are many ways to display mobile-optimized content and there are a number of mobile devices that show 'regular' web sites just fine, so we will evaluate how these pages work before we go further.  For now, they are nearly identical but separate sites, which means double the work.  With a little help, we might be able to streamline the process, but it's all about time and money...not enough of either.

Next, look for our continued experiences with our prepaid calling and data plans.

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