Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Goodbye Sprint, Hello Dish

The fat lady is clearing her throat and is about to sing the finale of the Sprint story.  As of today, almost all approvals for the T-Mobile/Sprint merger have been made with no additional requirements.  This means we will be coordinating Sprint and T-Mobile Coverage Maps, Reviews and Prepaid Details.  We are also monitoring what will be available from the new Dish Wireless, including initial coverage maps, and a potential all-5G network.

The future of Dish as a potential fourth wireless carrier is a bit cloudy.  They do indeed have the spectrum required to operate a wireless network, but they may not have the time or money to create a competitive wireless carrier.  Initially, Dish will be a re-seller of the existing Sprint network when they acquire Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Sprint Prepaid customers.  If you plan to drop one of those services, be careful what carrier you pick up as many of the alternatives will also be affected by the takeover of the Sprint network.  Some of them will be transitioned to the new T-Mobile network, which will be a big improvement, but expect to need a new phone and a new plan.

We'll provide the tools you need to make, or not make, a wireless transition of your own.  There are many details and deals yet to come and we predict there will be new players coming into the Dish Wireless tent.  Think Google, Amazon or cooperative deals from cable, tech or investment companies.  Enjoy the near-term improvements, we have concerns about the future with only 3 major wireless players.

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