Sunday, January 14, 2024

Home Phone Alternatives Shuffle


I recenlty noticed that my home phone couldn't make outgoing calls through its associated VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service: it's "no longer being supported". So I went shopping to find another inexpensive way to keep the old home phone number active and discovered that VOIP providers have become quite pricey, most at $15 per month or higher, plus taxes!

Like it is for most other families, our home phone has become almost redundant, but how many of us hesitate letting go of the home phone number and completely eliminating the security of a communications device in nearly every room in the house? Yes, I realize there are many households who never had it to begin with. 

Now that VOIP is no longer the lowest-cost alternative to the landline, we have returned to the home phone savior of last decade, the Wireless Home Phone. Now that US Mobile is offering their wireless home phone for only $10 a month, all these old but still cool cordless phones around the house are back in touch, if for no other use than as a cell phone finder.

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