Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SK Telecom to Buy Sprint?

This one is still in the rumor stage, but SK (South Korea) Telecom and Sprint/Nextel are talking. People "close to the talks" note that Sprint is thinking their big recovery is "right around the corner", based mostly on the introduction of the new Samsung Instinct phone. After all the things Sprint has done to chase away, or at least not try to keep, customers, we think it's too little too late.

Sprint has the resources to improve their situation, but either they are too big to steer the Titantic on a different course away from the iceberg, or don't have the courage to just copy a successful wireless model, like maybe T-Mobile...who, BTW, are also owned by a foreign company.

We have outsourced so many of our technical jobs overseas, I guess there's nothing left but for our management to go, too?


Anonymous said...

If you call Sprints customer care during a busy time you already end up talking to some one outside the US. At least T-Mobile USAs customer care centers are within the US and you don't have to worry about if you will be able to understand the person on the other end of the line.

Sprint (US Owned) Foreign call centers BAD

T-Mobile USA (Foreign owned) All call centers within US VERY GOOD

Oz Andrews said...

For years the Sprint customer service agents I spoke with sounded foreign but were really in places like North Carolina or New Mexico. I did not know they were now really going off-shore. That's too bad. But no matter where they sit, you're right, T-Mobile's people are much more competant and helpful. Any good company, regardless of ownership, should know to take care of customers first.