Tuesday, July 22, 2008

T-Mobile Loses Spam Case

Say it isn't so. One of favorite consumer-friendly carriers, T-Mobile, can't, or won't, stop text-message spam that appears on subscribers' phones. As a result, they have lost the latest round of a class-action lawsuit to get them to stop. Verizon Wireless brought a few of these transgressors to court and at least slowed the problem in Verizon phones. But T-Mobile seems to ignore the problem and acts like they haven't done anything to prevent it. You can't even cancel Text Messaging on your phone like you can at other carriers.

I can't believe T-Mobile has chosen to pay the lawyers to defend a slowly sinking ship instead of seeking a technical solution. But the attorneys' fees will eventually give them incentive to start working on their network, as long as they keep losing their case.

I guess this is a heads up that if you get Text span on your T-Mobile phone, it's an ailment without a short-term solution, unless enough customers start clogging the customer service lines to complain. Fortunately, we don't think this is a widespread problem, but as spammers begin to find out T-Mobile phones are fertile ground for their messages, watch them grow.

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Anonymous said...

Disabling your @tmomail.com address helps with eliminating a big chunk of the spam. All though it doesn't completely kill the problem it at least kills a majority of it and at least provides some relief until T-Mobile finally realizes they aren't going to win this case. You can disable it by either calling 611 or going online to My T-Mobile.