Thursday, August 21, 2008

The End of the ETF!

Yes, it has happened! Consumer Cellular, a wireless re-seller that gets a positive review from us, has announced a deal with AARP with no Early Termination Fees (ETF). While some carriers are reducing ETF's over time by pro-rating your contract, this deal eliminates any such charge.

This means Consumer Cellular is taking the chance of losing money on some customers, but they have been taking that chance for several years by being one of the only non-prepaid cellular companies that doesn't require a contract. I remember signing up with Sprint back in the 90's mostly because they didn't require a contract then, and I stayed for more than 2's a good gimmick. You need to be an AARP member, but that's not expensive and anyone over age 50 qualifies.

Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T network and our experience with them has been variable. But the unique services they offer is certainly worth any shortcomings we may find with them. While we applaud the move, it does make us wonder how any company with the word "Consumer" in its name can actually benefit the consumer. Let's just hope the elimination of ETF's catches on.

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