Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Excellent Customer Service

As a result of the difficulties noted in previous posts, I had to deal with Verizon Wireless's customer service in resolving the problems brought up by unwanted plan changes. Charges began to accumulate when we upgraded to a new phone that included data charges by the mb, prorated minute usage and overages. The agent I contacted said she needed time to contact other departments to make everything right again. She said she would call me back as each step was completed. Yeah, right.

Indeed, she did call back. The first call was to tell me the account was returned to the original plan, and then a second call to explain that all overages and unexpected charges were credited back and were effective immediately. Yes, it was all surprising and refreshing. I don't know what I liked better...the extra attention or the account credits themselves.

Recently, Verizon Wireless received an improved rating from JD Power, and we couldn't really find a relevant way to report the subject...until now. As we have said before, excellent customer service isn't a big deal when things are going right. It stands out when things go wrong.

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