Monday, March 2, 2009

T-Mobile $50 Unlimited Goes National

Either the 1-market test in the Bay Area went better, and faster, than they thought, or T-Mobile decided it was smarter to strike while the rumors are hot. We only reported it a week ago and now T-Mobile's new $50 Unlimited Voice plan is available nationwide. The plan limited to customers of 22 months or more prevents an immediate price war, but it certainly gives them something to talk about in the other cellular carrier offices.

For another $35 you can get Text and Data tossed in and we're off to the races...not the wars. You still get more with the Boost Unlimited $50 plan where everything's included, as well as the various offers from Cricket Wireless and Metro PCS. But if you want to stay with T-Mobile, get ready to talk, or text, it up.

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