Friday, March 6, 2009

Think Globally, Buy Locally

Every few years we beat the drum in praise of the small, local wireless carriers. In our research for The Unwired Home web site, we looked at Alternatives to the land line phone. In several small markets, the alternatives are provided by the local land line company. As co-ops, they really do want to provide the best service possible for their "members", and that often means you can get an economic replacement for the old school land line.

There is also a handful of small wired carriers who cooperate to offer wireless service, like NextTech Wireless in Kansas, which can be used to either replace the land line, or can be bundled to give you a better deal overall. These companies aren't concerned about you switching your calls to your broadband connection, they offer that, too.

Like we do in all our Reviews, we encourage you to check the plans from your very local wireless carriers who may offer a much better deal than the Big Boys, including Unlimited calling, national roaming and broadband services. They're doing the right thing, you should, too.

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