Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alltel Goes to 1 Year Contracts

It's good news-bad news at Alltel. If you live in an Alltel Divested area and you didn't get the Alltel plan you wanted to hold for 2 years, it's almost too late. Wireless Week reports Alltel divested customers will now get plans with a 1-year contract. Alltel customers who are being acquired by Verizon Wireless (non-divested) most likely are already being offered only Verizon 2-year plans.

Whether it's good news or bad depends on your outlook of your Alltel service. There's a good chance Alltel plans as we know them won't exist 2 years from now. And if you're one that looked at a 2-year agreement as a bad thing, then it's all good now. Alltel claims everything else is business as usual. Let's hope that means handset prices won't increase as a result.

This change takes effect tomorrow, June 5th. Wanna lock in that cool plan, now?

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