Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The March of 3G

If you've had a cell phone for several years, you might recall the joy of watching the coverage of your favorite carrier march across the country, slowly giving you that greater range of communications freedom. Now that voice coverage is almost universally expected, we now watch with equal anticipation as 3G coverage moves outward from the cities. It's moving fast enough that the 3G coverage maps can't keep up with it.

AT&T and Verizon add 3G to at least a few sites almost every week, some in remote locations. Verizon has completed more than anyone, however, there are some smaller networks that are already all-3G like Metro PCS, Pioneer Wireless and a few others. AT&T can't keep up with the demand for 3G services, mostly because of the iPhone, but they are working on it. Even T-Mobile adds some new 3G on a regular basis, and oddly enough, their mapmakers seem to be right on schedule with the 3G updates, if not actually preceding the sites upgrades themselves.

Just like the "good ol' days", the more the better...and faster.

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Faith Baptist Church said...

Actually, MetroPCS has no 3G on their network. All-2G rather. I think CricKet is close to all-3G though.