Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ATN Wireless HQ in Little Rock

The new wireless network of ATN (Atlantic Tele-Network) is beginning to look a lot more like Alltel. ATN is building a new headquarters in Little Rock, AR, even though they will not initially have any service or stores anywhere near the area. ATN is probably taking advantage of some Arkansas support money to keep most of the Alltel jobs in the Little Rock area. The fact that the division's new CEO lives in the area may have some bearing on that decision as well.

This is good news for Arkansas, and it's one more decision completed to get ATN down the road toward a brand new cellular company. The new division is called "Allied Wireless", and the transfer of Alltel assets from Verizon was originally to be made to "Atlantic Wireless". So the name soup still gets stirred around with names like "Commnet Wireless", "Allied", or even "Alltel" as possible monikers for the new company. We're following their progress on the ATN page.

With the new HQ located in Little Rock, they will be able to retain as many Alltel brains as possible. That should be a good thing since Alltel was a great wireless competitor. We still maintain that if you love the old All-tel, you should love the new All-ied Wireless.


Faith Baptist Church said...

Hopefully they'll keep calling the entity Alltel. it's a name people trust.

William said...

I'm glad to see that ATN seems to be getting off to a good start. Hopefully they will be as successful as Alltel was. Once ATN gets its network out, I think they'll get quite a few subscribers from "the big four" to migrate.

Benjamin A said...

Good luck ATN. We're all routing you on.