Monday, December 7, 2009

GoPhone Goes Cheap to Mexico

Thanks to a sharp-eyed reader, we discovered that AT&T GoPhone now roams in Mexico for just .25 per minute! We couldn't believe it, and neither could our connections at AT&T until I directed them to the GoPhone Mexico Roaming link. You are not charged more than this rate, even if your GoPhone plan has a daily access fee! This is a huge savings among Mexico roaming charges with US carriers. Verizon and Nextel charge .99/min., T-mobile $1.49/min., and Sprint a whopping $1.69/min. AT&T's regular accounts charge .99/min. roaming fees, but special plans can drop that to .69, .59 or even Free, but only with postpaid accounts.

Until this rate appeared, it was far more economical to send a Text to and from Mexico, but the Text rate with GoPhone is still .50 sent/.20 received. There's nothing more economical than roaming in Mexico with a Nextel phone which charges NOTHING for accessing the Internet while you're south of the border. This would make make exchanging email the best's free. Sprint claims this is "temporary", but that's been the case for almost a year. We've been keeping up with the various plans on the Mountain Wireless Mexico Roaming Page.

It's odd that the AT&T GoPhone will not roam off the AT&T network stateside, but roaming in Mexico? No problemo.

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