Monday, February 8, 2010

Alltel Comes to the Unlimited Party

Even as they shrink into a smaller carrier, Alltel Wireless has finally come up with some nice Unlimited plans. They matched the major carriers with their own $70 Unlimited Talk plan with matching Family Plans. Then they went one step further and introduced a Prepaid version of their Unlimited plan for $45, which may be a real winner.

For now, the Prepaid Unlimited coverage map looks like both the Alltel and Verizon Wireless networks are included, which is larger than the coverage offered by the other $45 Unlimited plan offered by Straight Talk which is limited to the Verizon Wireless network. However, if you call Alltel, they claim Prepaid Unlimited does not roam off the Alltel network even though their maps show otherwise. We believe the map since it looks like a very new and unique map with huge holes in the middle of Minnesota and Oregon.

You do need to be in their own service area to sign up and they still only require a 1-year contract for their postpaid plans. At least Alltel has come to the Unlimited knife fight with competitive plans which keeps them at the top of our Reviews. Better late than never.

We have Unlimited plan reviews by Price, and by Carrier.

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