Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finding Cell Sites

One of our most popular web sites helps you Find Cell Sites. Recently when updating the site we found several wireless companies that reveal their own cell sites, either on a map or a list. We re-arranged the link categories to show cell site information categorized by carrier, tower companies, the FCC and others.

That there is enough data to need to break it up into categories is good news. As we face fewer carriers each year, it's nice to know this information is still available. The best maps come from the smallest carriers.

KGI Wireless, one of the "tower" companies, was a good source of Alltel tower locations and now identifies most of those locations as belonging to Verizon Wireless. The reality is that more towers are adding more carriers, and many of those towers credited to Verizon may eventually be transferred to AT&T or ATN. So, it's still takes some detective work to find your sites.

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