Monday, July 26, 2010

Going Totally Wireless

The Center for Disease Control is the agency tracking the latest data of how many households no longer have a wired phone. Their data is delayed by several months, but even with that dated information, they report over 24% of America's households have no land line. There are a good number of you who would like to 'cut the cord' but don't quite have the courage, or the info necessary to take the plunge.

Take heart. We have a complete "How-To" to go completely wireless, at The Unwired Instead of being an oddity, you'll be part of a fast-growing part of mainstream communications users. For those of us who still want a wired phone line, in some cases, it has become the secondary line for the family. Formerly the home land line was the sacred connection to the family, but now, it's the wireless line that we take personally. Who cares who knows the land line number? We can ignore it...or eliminate it.

If you'd like to be selective about the calls you take on that old wired appliance, unfortunately, the local phone companies charge a high price for Caller ID, which, on top of their overpriced land line, gives us an additional economic incentive to unhook the wire.

BTW, the first communications company that suggested we drop our land line to control costs was the local wireline company! Of course they suggested replacing it with their own bundle of broadband or wireless phone deals. So Hell hasn't frozen over, they're just re-arranging the furniture.

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