Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Straight Talk Adds GSM

For those of us who like the Straight Talk all-you-can-eat wireless service, it now comes in 2 flavors: CDMA and GSM. The CDMA version uses the huge Verizon Wireless network, and coming soon, a GSM version that will use AT&T. According to AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel, AT&T will support Straight Talk which is currently available at Wal-Mart stores or Online. GSM phones have been historically cheaper.

At $45 a month, Straight Talk is one of the leaders in Unlimited cellular service, with a full package of Voice, Text, Data and 411 access. While coverage is much more extensive with the Verizon CDMA version, there are a few areas where there is no Verizon coverage. There is also those of us who would rather use a GSM phone.

For consumers it could be a good deal. This makes Straight Talk more like TracFone, the 'parent' of Straight Talk, where both GSM and CDMA phones are available. The co-owned NET10 only offers GSM phones which mostly, but not exclusively, use the AT&T network. TracFone and NET10 both have more coverage than Straight Talk. Also, NET10 also offers an Unlimited package but at a higher price than Straight Talk. Compare all the Unlimited offers at the Mountain Wireless Unlimited Page. Decisions...decisions.

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Faith Baptist Church said...

Actually, Net10 also offers CDMA phones. It's just a bit rarer that you'll find them on Net10.