Friday, November 19, 2010

Cox Wireless Arrives - But Not Really

Sometimes we feel just a little clairvoyant. Earlier this week we decided that Cox Wireless needed to be removed from our Mountain Wireless Reviews. They had announced they would be active last March, so after this month's audit of network Reviews we decided it wasn't going to happen. Then, today it did happen, but Cox Wireless didn't arrive as we expected.

Cox has decided to initiate service as an MVNO, instead. While they do have their own AWS and 700 MHz spectrum and equipment to run it, for now they have decided to use only the PCS network supplied by Sprint. Cox plans to eventually offer service on their own spectrum, then use Sprint only for out-of-market roaming, but they aren't saying when. They are offering their own phones and support.

So, our removal of Cox Wireless from our Review pages was the correct move. Instead, they now appear on our MVNO page. Cox can now offer wireless phone service as part of a communications bundle, but they could have done it like this for years. Until they can offer a unique product, they're just a minor player, and only in 3 markets. Do we smell the fumes of hopes of a buyout, or a mid-field adjustment toward Broadband service instead of old-school Voice and Text?

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