Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AT&-T-Mobile: No Slam Dunk

We have been waiting for some indication of which way the merger approval winds are blowing. We are happy to see lots of people in power objecting to an AT&T/T-Mobile combination. It would have been a concern if all of the decisions were left in the hands of the FCC and the Department of Justice. Instead, Congress, various state Attorneys General, and consumer organizations have raised objections, which gives us hope.

Here's one more concerned party that can make a difference: You! So few people take the time to make a formal comment, the words of those who do, carry a lot of weight. If your state asks for opinion, give yours. When the FCC opens the comment phase of the application, make one. Even if you want to support the acquisition, make it known. So few will speak up, one voice speaks very loudly. We don't see a middle ground solution. If it isn't a 'win-win' for all of us, it should be a 'no-no.'

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