Thursday, March 17, 2011

Idaho Changes

Idaho is where our latest cellular network changes have been found. In this case the changes are good. One of those little annoying cellular mysteries has finally been cleared up with the Cambridge Telephone Company's change of name from Snake River PCS to CTC Wireless. The Snake Wireless name was shared with the Eagle Telephone Company across the river in Oregon, but they each had their own separate network. Eagle kept the Snake River name, but the SnakeRiverPCS web site doesn't apply to either one.

On the other side of the state, Custer Telephone Company has turned over their cellular network to Syringa Wireless. Custer will sell Syringa phones and service. This is a healthy trend among telephone co-ops as they co-op with other co-ops, often giving Local customers a nice regional wireless footprint, helpful customer service from neighbors, and integration with their home wired phone lines. BTW, "Syringa" is the Idaho state flower.

Alltel has a small network in Idaho that would also make a good takeover candidate for Syringa with complimentary coverage up through the center of the state. Recently, Alltel announced upgrades in the Illinois and southeastern US portions of their network but not a peep about Idaho. Does this mean the Idaho Alltel properties may be sold or traded, or that Chad just hasn't found a good airfare to Boise? No comment from Alltel.

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