Friday, May 13, 2011

Sprint Will Pay Your ETF

Sprint is offering up to $175 to customers who switch from other wireless carriers. The credit will "give customers a chance to try Sprint without having to worry about fees or charges for terminating their contracts with their current carriers," Sprint spokesman Lloyd Karnes said in an e-mail. The offer is $175 for business customers who switch and buy any Sprint phone; $125 for individual customers who buy a smartphone; or $75 for individuals who buy a low-end "feature phone."

To get the credit, accounts must be ported from existing contracts, and they must remain active for 61 days. A two-year contract is required. The offer began May 4, Karnes said, but it wasn't widely reported until Thursday, when blog Spantechular posted an "ad." The blog said Sprint was targeting only T-Mobile customers, but Karnes said the offer is valid for those switching from any rival carrier. Sprint's consumer offer is good until June 23, and the corporate offer runs through July 23.

Sprint has offered credits like this before, but they don't deny that the looming merger helped inspire the timing of this promotion. We would have hoped they would offer the average wireless user more, but with pro-rated ETF's, it may be worth it. Actually, after listening to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse at the Senate hearings, they should be encouraging people to join T-Mobile. Hesse called T-Mobile a partner in the trenches against the Big 2. He wants T-Mobile to survive. So do we, but we'll explain why they may not be able to on Monday.

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