Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who Uses Smart Phones?

You might have seen headlines based on the latest Pew Research study of cell phone usage reporting 35% of all adults in the US are using a Smart phone. We like to look at the other side of things. The first statistic we want to note is that 58% of adult phone users are NOT using Smart phones. The carriers call those non-Smart handsets "Feature" phones, but we know them as 'flip' phones or 'bar' phones. That means most of us are still just making voice calls and Texts.

One of the most interesting results from the study is that 25% of these Smart phone owners use their phone for Internet access more than any other device. That's 10% of wireless users surfing the 'Net more than on a computer.

Our take is that the majority of us still use simple phones and don't use our phones that much for Internet access. There are many of us who hate talking into a huge Smart phone that brings to mind talking into the "brick" of a couple decades ago. We're looking at the day when the best phone is one that talks with a tiny form factor and surfs with a huge (iPad-size) screen. It's the iFoldPhone!

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