Friday, October 28, 2011

Going Really Wireless

A few years ago when the number of households going totally wireless was approaching 20%, we started a web site catering to those who wanted to cut the cord, The Unwired Home. At that time we focused on cutting yourself off from the traditional wired phone company, but not necessarily from the wire. We included DSL and Cable TV as "Unwired" alternatives and only getting your Voice service from elsewhere.

Times have changed. Now, over 25% of us are going without a connection to the phone company, and almost that many are getting their broadband services without a wire as well. With 4G, and even most 3G coverage, many of the wireless companies provide adequate broadband service that is just as portable as our cellular phone has always been. With proper modems, we can connect multiple wired phones in our house to our wireless broadband connection. We have reflected this change at The Unwired Home, much to the disappointment of our wired broadband partners. Sorry guys, we just woke up and smelled the coffee...burning.

Even this move toward wireless is already yesterday's news as our tablets, computers and readers are already connecting to 3G and 4G wireless without any move on our part. Look for even more 'unwiring'...even the phone company may use wireless for the last few feet of your connection from their already widely-spread nodes. Yes, we do need more spectrum...use yours wisely.

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