Wednesday, October 26, 2011

T-Mobile Gives Us the Deals

It was just over a week ago when I said T-Mobile needs to give us some better deals to stick with them in these merging times. So they did. There are new pay-by-the day plans as well as a new monthly plan, and a prepaid deal with Wal-Mart. The new Wal-Mart prepaid plan, also available online, is a $30 no-contract plan with up to 5 GB of data on T-Mobile's HSPA+ (4G) network with unlimited texting and 100 voice minutes, with a charge of 10 cents per minute after that.

T-Mobile has been one our preferred prepaid services and if you're leery of what might happen to them next year, prepaid might reduce those fears. However, whichever way the AT&T/T-Mobile deals goes, T-Mobile customers should come out winners. You will either be able to become an AT&T customer with a more value-priced T-Mobile plan, or, if AT&T can't do the deal, T-Mobile will end up with some additional spectrum and more favorable roaming agreements.

It's also a good thing that T-Mobile's network is not overloaded...and we like lower prices. That's what I'm takin' about!

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