Monday, March 11, 2013

SouthernLINC Finds A Roaming Solution

Just last week we downgraded SouthernLINC, and iDEN carrier on the US Gulf Coast to a much lower Rating to reflect the loss of nationwide roaming on its only possible roaming partner, Nextel.  Sprint will be shutting down the Nextel network in June leaving SouthernLINC customers with no where to use their phone but in their own 4-state region.  That was indeed unfortunate because SouthernLINC is a pretty good wireless carrier backed up by an awesome electric utility company.

SouthernLINC has signed up with a roaming partner to allow their customers to roam on various GSM networks, potentially AT&T, T-Mobile and others, when away from SouthernLINC's home territory.  The only catch is that you'll need a new 'dual SIM' phone that they will be offering soon, and an additional prepaid roaming plan.  If you ever travel out of their home area, this is a good compromise.

We believe this improves SouthernLINC's usability.  We upped their Mountain Wireless Network Rating, and when they begin offering the GSM roaming we'll probably up it another notch or two.  This is good news from a very good carrier.

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