Friday, February 22, 2013

Viaero's President Responds

I recently saw an anonymous response by a Viaero customer to an old blog posting of ours:
I have been a Viaero customer for about 2 years now in the south eastern part of colorado. service was fine at first, but since about the middle of 2012 we have seen alot more dropped calls and internet on phone is as slow as dial-up. there are rumors that there is a lawsuit between them and AT&T that happened around that time. phone customer service is a joke. most the time they tell you to remove battery and sim and wait 30 sec so phone can reset. that never helps. i have been disappointed that there cell service has decreased from a radius of 12 to 15 down to 6 to 8 miles from there towers. this leaves a lot of there rural customers in a bind. we are unable to chose another carrier because we would be roaming of viaero's towers and other carriers will cancel your contract within 6 months and we have to pay the early termination fees. 
So I contacted Viaero Wireless, a cellular carrier serving Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and surrounding states, and the President of the company, Frank DiRico called me back.  Frank is a stand up guy and takes pride in their attempts at technical excellence.  He stated that the southeast Colorado part of his network is getting very busy.  So busy that they further subdivided their cells into more quadrants which could have adjusted the signal away from customers like the one above.  He offered to send a tech down to that person's home if only they shared their location.

In place of that, Mr. DiRico suggested that if a customer does not get a satisfactory solution, "They should ask to have their call 'escalated' to the technical department."  Frank noted that the southeast Colorado area is so busy he already has plans to add 2 more cell sites in the area.  He states he can't add them fast enough, especially during the winter, but they do construct 1 or 2 new sites a week.  Viareo installs their own sites and does not contract that work out.

This is why Viaero has earns a "10" in the Mountain Wireless Ratings. Why can't they all respond this well?


Anonymous said...

Service in this Nebraska area has been unchanged in years. Calls drop, texts don't go through, the still 1X internet functions slower responding than dialup most of the time, etc. while no hardware problem is on the user end. Reception is often difficult beyond 4 miles from the tower in rural areas with little or no obstructions. "Upgrade is coming soon" has been the statement for several years. Looks like it is, no timeline for any areas of course. I don't know anyone that has the service anymore, literally, but I see friends of friends making comments on Facebook quite often. Someone gets a new phone comment "anything's better than Viaero", etc. As far as the tower being overloaded, not likely, there aren't enough people per square mile in this zipcode. There is a tower by the village, and the tower by the highway is only close to houses that are often more than "miles" apart. There is only one grocery store, no other supplies, and most people are on Verizon or US Cellular (their calls don't drop and they have 3G now and have had for several years).

And by the last and other comments around, looks like the service is similar in a lot of places.

Comments like that can be found, on their Facebook page too.

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It's me said...

Unbelievably, I gave viaero a 2nd chance.
When I first signed up, I did so because I was PROMISED 4G "very soon", and "any time now". For the entire 2 year contract, the 4G never came (4G was my only reason for signing with them so I could stream). After my 2 year contract was up, I dropped viaero gladly.
A couple years later, I learned they finally got 4G so I gave them another chance. By the time taxes are applied for a single user my bill is $90+ and coming close to $100 monthly for unlimited data all 4G.
During my 2 year plan, viaero decided to change their unlimited plan. Now after a certain amount of usage each month, streaming changes from 4G to 3g. For those already signed up prior to this plan change, streaming is supposed to stay at 4G.
Not only I have not been getting 4G, I can't even get 3g. For 2 weeks while I was trying to stream video, the consistent download speed was under 1mps!!! Unacceptable!!!
I called them at which time they performed a reset for me. I worked great the rest of the day, but the next day onward, it was back to under 1mps.

When I call, customer service is always friendly. But this is as far as it goes. When I signed up the 2nd time, I told the district manager how unhappy I was the first time when I was promised 4G and never got it. The thing that you would always hear was "oh, they aren't supposed to be telling you that". I don't think that they weren't. I think it was a gimmick from upper management to get more people to sign up because I have seen this same complaint multiple places.

The district manager actually came in to meet with me when I signed up the 2nd time. She told me that if I ever drop below 4G, I could call her personally and she would show me a work around. After a few times of dropping below 4G, I called her. I only got an answering machine so I left a message. Twice. She never returned my call.

Since all this I have learned viaero is not BBB accredited. They have multiple complaints (and I am not even one of those complaints. Makes me wonder how many others are ripped off by them.).

No more chances for viaero.