Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Rise of Wal-Mart Wireless

We try to keep up with the lowest-priced plans with the highest data allowance at each price point on our Moose Wireless Plan Page.  Recently we changed the listing for the best $40 price plan available to the one offered by Wal-Mart Family Mobile.  The Wal-Mart plan offers all the usual Unlimited goodies but the data threshold is a generous 2.5 Gb, 150% higher than its precessor.  Also, Wal-Mart Mobile lets you bring your own GSM phone and, while there's no contract, billing is postpaid...not prepaid.

Wal-Mart's wireless uses the T-Mobile network and they offer a handful of basic Smart and Feature phones in addition to their SIM package.  Of course you might be able to head to the nearest Wal-Mart and sign up for this service but you can also do it in your jammies at our own Moose Wireless.  It's a good deal for the price and handily beats T-Mobile's own $40 plan that only offers a 500 Mb threshold.  We expect to make a few other changes as providers offer more data for your money...a welcome change, especially at these low price levels.

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