Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Your Phone with MORE Numbers

It was just last week we commented that your wireless phone number has become a secondary consideration for your smart phone.  Today, T-Mobile announced they will take that idea one step further.  They will now allow you to ring your wireless phone with multiple numbers, even from other carriers, or enable your number to ring all of your devices.

While this isn't a complicated scheme, T-Mobile is doing it with normal calling channels, not as a work-around VoIP app.  This also could be compared to the multi-functional Google Voice features.  T-Mobile calls their new feature, "DIGITS" and it will be device-dependent, but they are incorporating it in a growing number of devices.  For now, you would be using DIGITS as a beta function, but the technology is not that experimental.

While the other wireless carriers can probably add this feature without too much difficulty, it's T-Mobile who has the courage to upset their own apple cart.  It makes us wonder why carriers haven't tried more of these creative features.  Can they be afraid of changing the status quo?  In the words of Mike Sievert, Chief Operating Officer of T-Mobile, “DIGITS is breakthrough technology that won’t be replicated any time soon.”  So, once again, not only is T-Mobile disrupting the status quo, they're throwing out a challenge to other carriers, 'catch us if you can.'

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